COUNTER R4 Event Tracking Explained


 Below, please find a detailed listing of the events triggered on main pages and sections of this site and how those events log, or do not log COUNTER specific metrics.  The focus of COUNTER is on metrics that track usage of the content being paid for, not the service around it.


Page Event COUNTER Metric Tracked
Main Menu    
  All Subject Links TrackBrowseSearch
  Popular Categories Link TrackBrowseSearch
  Featured Producers TrackBrowseSearch
  Basic Search TrackRegularSearch
  Clicking Advanced Search Link No Tracking
  Clicking Search by Standards Link No Tracking
  Clicking any Hero Image TrackBrowseSearch
  Clicking any circle subject icon TrackBrowseSearch
  Clicking links below video thumbnails TrackBrowseSearch
  Clicking Slider links above video images No Tracking
  Clicking a video thumbnail TrackBrowseSearch
  Scrolling through sliders No Tracking
  Clicking Login and create new account link No Tracking
  Logging in with account No Tracking
Search Result Page    
  Clicking on the Video Thumnbail TrackResultClick, TrackRecordView, Trackmultimediacontent
  Clicking Result Title Link TrackResultClick, TrackRecordView, Trackmultimediacontent
  Clicking on page tools: Preview, Share, Add to etc... No Tracking
  Any Filtering No Tracking
  Clicking on the Video, Interactive or Audio Tab TrackRegularSearch
  Save Search Link No Tracking
Player Page    
  Tools No Tracking
  Clicking Producer or Series Link TrackBrowseSearch
  Clicking any Tag TrackRegularSearch
  Clicking on a video from "You May Also Like" TrackRecordView, TrackMultimediaContent
  Anything in the Video Player & Transcript & Segments, does not have Tracking  
Main Menu    
  Click a Subject Browse Search
  Click View All Regular Search
  Click a Category Browse Search
  Click a Producer Browse Search
  Click the Calendar No Tracking
  Click on Advanced Search No Tracking
Advanced Search Page    
  Combining a Search Term with a Type & any Filters TrackRegularSearch
  Anything in the Footer No Tracking
Your Account    
  Signing into "Your Profile" No Tracking
  Clicking "My Content" No Tracking
  Clicking on a video from "My Content" Record View, Multimedia Content Unit
  Clicking a Saved Search from "My Content" Regular Search
  Clicking a Playlist from "My Content" Record View, Multimedia Content Unit
  Clicking a Custom Segment from "My Content" Record View, Multimedia Content Unit
  Adding, Deleting, Renaming a File No Tracking
  Account Settings No Tracking


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